Leadership Development


Leadership development focuses on the core talent of the organization and their personal growth and development. At TheStriekerGroup, we focus on two key areas. The first is the senior management team including the CEO. These are the leaders who are currently setting the vision and developing the culture of the organization. The second group is the high potentials, who are the future leaders of the organization.

Senior Management
Leadership development for senior management can be delivered in a number of methods. Leaders of organizations must possess two key areas of focus. The first is setting the strategic direction of the firm and so we spend a great deal of time developing skills and programs in how to set and implement strategic initiatives. The second is talent development. Senior leaders must be focused on the hiring, retention and development of their talent. Again, we provide skill building in how to effectively select and then develop talent especially through building effective teams. All effective leaders build successful and highly functioning teams. We complement these efforts with targeted training, seminars and business simulations to enhance these efforts.

High Potentials
This talented group is the future core of any successful organization and needs to be developed for current, as well as, future needs. Skill building for high potentials can take many different forms. There are essentially two categories. The first are individual contributors and the second are in management. Enhancing the skills for individual contributors can be technical in nature or interpersonal (i.e., relationship driven). In all cases, skill building can be complemented with activities from high quality university programs or action learning, where the learning is applied to real situations that the high potential faces each day. This skill building then becomes part of the individual’s Individual Development Plan or IDP and follows the high potential from year to year and throughout their career.

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